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Philland Engineering Does The Hard Work Of Breaking and Laying Of All Types Of Building Construction. Check Out Some Of Our Recently Completed Projects.

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Superior quality sets Philland Engineering Services apart.

Belema Williams

After some years of using another construction company to execute my building projects,

I can say Philland Engineering is undeniably the very best Engineering and Construction company out there. Philland Engineering is one of the companies that offers all in one Engineering and Construction services in Nigeria.

From Electrical Installations, Building Construction, Welding and Fabrication to complex industrial engineering application services.

I pledge full recommendation to any organization or individual who require professional touch to their Engineering and Construction projects in Nigeria and within the African region.

Engineer Okio Epcengineering

I have been extremely happy since contracting my first Building project to Philland Engineering a couple of years ago. They have been such a great help to me and I found them much more cheaper than the rest.

I can’t quite work out how they implement all Engineering and Construction principles into various projects, but all I can say is don’t { procrastinate with | dawdle with | waste time with | postpone} your decision of contracting your construction projects to Philland Engineering.

It will be the best decision you’ve ever made this year.

Engineer Jane Uniport

I recently got to hear about Philland Engineering services and I was blown away by the numerous Engineering and Construction services they offer.

I got to know that they offer all in one engineering and construction services by using contract staff from various engineering discipline to execute most engineering and construction related projects within Nigeria and Africa at large.

In one go, Philland Engineering have replaced the need for hiring different work force to execute project sections in such a delicate engineering and construction sector.

Engineer Ben Niger Delta

Getting qualified electrical installers has always been an issue in my home and for over a year I have been able to depend on Philland Engineering electrical department installers to test and maintain all my home electrical appliances.

Their electrical test instruments are world class standard with accurate portable appliance test result indicating OK for safe to use appliance and BAD for faulty appliance.

I highly recommend using Philland Engineering electrical department installers and keeping them at your top resource list of electrical installation company in Nigeria.

Okoh Andrew Uniport
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